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Cheese and raisin pie

Cheese and raisin pie

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For starters we will let the pie sheets thaw at room temperature, the raisins will be soaked in warm water with rum essence.

We will mix the cottage cheese with the sugar, we add the eggs, sour cream and whipped cream, we mix lightly with a fork to incorporate all the ingredients, if you want you can also add the grated lemon peel but I only put vanilla sugar. When the sheets are ready we will work them cut in half, melt the margarine and grease each sheet.

Prepare a tray lined with paper or just grease the tray with margarine and start placing the greased sheets one by one as the base we use half of the sheets over which we will add the cheese in which we added the well drained raisins, on top we will add the rest of the sheets as well anointed one by one.

The oven has been preheated and we will add the pie for 30 minutes at medium temperature.

When it is ready, powder it with sugar so that it can be easily cut, we will let it cool a little.

Great appetite!