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Vegetable borscht with egg scraps

Vegetable borscht with egg scraps

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Pour the oil into the pot in which we make the borscht, a little water, then add the chopped vegetables one by one and sauté a little (about 5 minutes), add water and let it boil. Add the rice.

When all the ingredients have boiled, season with a beaten egg and a little borscht, season with salt and make the rags by pouring the two beaten eggs in the rain ... Add the dill, larch, celery and parsley, all finely chopped. Turn off the heat and leave a little covered. It is very very good and we can serve it as desired with yogurt or cream.

Method of preparation

Cauliflower soup

We unwrap the cauliflower in small bunches, wash it with more water and leave it in a strainer,

Vegetable cream soup

All the vegetables are boiled in water to cover them. When they have boiled, remove them from the water with the help

Nettle soup with egg rags

After taking off your protective gloves, clean the stems and wash the nettle leaves very well under running cold water. Then put a pot of water and salt to a boil. After it has boiled, add the nettle leaves and leave them on the right heat for 10 minutes. Set aside and drain the nettles in a sieve.

In a medium saucepan, sauté the crushed garlic, finely chopped onion and diced tomatoes in oil. Peel a squash, grate it and cut it into cubes. Add the pieces of potato, parsnip, carrot and celery cleaned, washed and given through a large grater. Pour the vegetable broth or water (you can put some of the juice in which the nettles were boiled), season with salt and let it boil for 20 minutes, over medium heat. Separately, boil the borscht for 15 minutes.

Add the last of the nettle leaves, after chopping them, then pour the borscht and let it simmer for another 10 minutes. Set aside and pour in the beaten eggs, spreading the egg scraps with a fork.

Serve the soup warm with cream, if desired, and garnish with freshly chopped parsley.

Method of preparation

Cauliflower soup

We unwrap the cauliflower in small bunches, wash it with more water and leave it in a strainer,

Vegetable cream soup

All the vegetables are boiled in water to cover them. When they have boiled, remove them from the water with the help

Chicken soup with vegetables and egg rags it is a good soup, full of flavors and textures that will delight anyone who tries.

I have many memories of this soup. The soup I learned to make with my aunt during the summer holidays. I really liked how she made & # 8220zdrentele & # 8221 and asked her to let me mix in the pot when she poured the eggs.

I think these little things made me like to sit in the kitchen and experiment with all kinds of recipes.

Chicken soup can be simple (clear) with noodles or dumplings, but it can also be rich with vegetables that contributed to the final taste.

When I was little my godmother (my mother's sister) kept us with her all summer. There were holidays in the country, in Vrancea county, almost 20 km from Focsani. She often made soups / soups with & # 8220zdrente & # 8221 from eggs.

He did not lack eggs because he had dozens of chickens. I also had my favorite chickens, I gave them names and I didn't let them cut them while I was there. If he cut my fat and beautiful hen, he would tell me he flew over the fence and he didn't know why he left.

& # 8220Zama & # 8221 this is full of flavor. Depending on the vegetables used, it can be a little sour. I put carrots, celery, zucchini and bell peppers that gave a sour taste and I got a chicken soup with vegetables and rags of very tasty eggs.

This hen is the country hen, raised with cereals (wheat, corn and lots of grass). He has more tender flesh, although he boiled until it began to come off the bones easily. I always prefer a meat like this instead of the one in the store, of a large 2 kg chicken raised in a month with fertilizers and hormones. Do you know that word? The great truth lies behind it.

You can put the vegetables together with the meat to boil, if you put whole pieces. It means that you will make a clear, yellow and delicious soup. For this soup we proceed differently, because we keep all the vegetables. We put vegetables that we usually use in clear chicken soup with noodles or dumplings. In those soups we do not use peas, squash, potatoes!

I did new experiments with chickens, and I found that you need a long time for it to grow to 2 kg and a lot of food. Putting all the calculations on paper, our 2 kg chicken costs us 28 lei / kg if it was raised healthy in 4-5 months, while a chicken in the store barely reached 12 lei per 2 kg.

I think that says it all.

You don't have to have a chef's degree to make a good chicken soup, with the vegetables kept in it, enriched with & # 8220zdrente & # 8221 eggs. Boil the chicken until it froths over low heat. The juice stays clean, does not disturb.

I learned to put salt much later in the soup. Boil the meat well. The golden-yellow soup, with the chicken raised in the corn is something that cannot be refused and it goes very well when the whole family sits at the table.


1 smaller hen (about 2 kg)
3 large carrots cut into rounds or cubes
1/2 green bell pepper & # 8211 cut into cubes
1/2 red bell pepper & # 8211 cut into cubes
1 whole onion
1 small zucchini & # 8211 cut into cubes
1 thick slice of celery & # 8211 chopped cubes
1 large potato & # 8211 medium size cubes
1 cup frozen peas
2 eggs
1 clove of garlic

Put the chicken to boil in 3 liters of unsalted water (enough to be covered with water) and let it boil for about 60 minutes on low heat. We take the foam as many times as necessary so that the soup stays clear. Put the chopped vegetables to boil (put the onion whole, pricked with 2 toothpicks so that it doesn't fall apart) except for the peas and zucchini. Add a clove of garlic (whole), peppercorns and continue to simmer.

The cooking time depends on how old the chicken is, it was boiled in an hour and 40 minutes. When the vegetables and meat are almost cooked, add the peas and zucchini.

5 minutes before turning off the heat, take out the chicken and choose the meat, leaving only the wings and thighs in larger pieces, and cut the chicken breast into large strips. Add salt and make the eggs from the eggs. Beat 2 eggs and add 2 tablespoons of hot soup, taking care to continue beating them while adding the hot liquid. Pour the eggs into the pot and stir continuously where they meet the hot liquid with a fork. In this way we get & # 8220zdrentele & # 8221 and we don't risk looking like an omelet.

Let it boil for another minute, then turn off the heat.
Serve hot soup with a little chopped green parsley. My mother eats this soup with freshly chopped larch.

Chicken soup with egg rags


  • approx. 500 g of chicken & # 32 wings, neck, whole back, pipota, heart
  • 2 & # 32 onions
  • 1 & # 32 bell pepper
  • 2 & # 32 carrots
  • 1/4 & # 32 of celery
  • 1 & # 32 parsley root
  • a few peas
  • 1 & # 32 small zucchini
  • 1 & # 32 cup of tomato pulp & # 32 or a can
  • 1 & # 32 cup of borscht & # 32 can also be pickle or sauerkraut juice)
  • 2 & # 32 eggs
  • 2 & # 32 tablespoons flour
  • salt to taste
  • parsley or green larch
  • cream & # 32 optional

Preparation instructions

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Wash and clean the skin of skin and fat. In addition to the pieces of meat you can use pieces of the neck, ribs.

Put the meat in the pot, cover everything with water, add a pinch of salt. You will need to remove the foam as it boils.

Meanwhile, wash the vegetables and cut them into small pieces. If you love potatoes, don't hesitate to peel a few and add them.

Once the meat is completely cooked, you can add the chopped vegetables. After the vegetables are cooked, add the diced tomatoes.

In order not to interrupt the cooking process, it is necessary to boil the borsch separately. After 2-3 boils you can add this one as well.

At the end you can add the beaten egg and the larch. You can serve this with yogurt or cream, along with a hot pepper.

Complete this dish with a traditional Easter appetizer, a piece of lamb, according to your grandmother's recipe. Don't forget the dessert and serve an Easter cake cake.

Things you didn't know about larch

Like us, the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome used herbs in treatments or in the kitchen. Herbal remedies from larch date back to the twelfth century. Locust bean is a perennial plant, easy to grow, which is spread by seeds.

Although many of the ancient practices are no longer known to us today, we continue to use larch among culinary preparations. Especially in Europe and Asia.

This plant is said to have originated in the Mediterranean basin. It is a good anti-inflammatory, menstrual support, or menstrual balm. Leuştean relieves stomach discomfort and helps digestion, informs the specialized press.

Larch abounds in nutrients and minerals. It contains vitamin C and vitamin B. The plant also helps reduce allergic symptoms. Cosmetics that include larch extract can help reduce acne and treat dermatitis.

Licorice leaves can be used as a spice in food, but also to give flavor to alcoholic beverages. The leaves can also be infused in boiled water for a digestive tea. This wonder plant is rich in coumarin, camphor and eugenols. Along with the nutrients it contains, larch is useful both in the kitchen and in alternative therapies.

1 large bowl with stevia, washed, cleaned of the main rib and finely chopped
1 carrot
1 celery root
1 parsnip root
2 onions
50 gr finely chopped bell peppers
100 ml of tomato juice
250 ml fresh borscht
2 noodle nests
2 eggs for rags
green Lovage

Preparation Stevia borscht

I chopped the carrot, celery, parsnip and onion with the food processor, but you can grate them or chop them with a knife, according to everyone's preference or skill.

I put the vegetables to boil in a pot and when they are half cooked we add stevia. Let the stevia boil for about 10-15 minutes, then add the tomato juice, salt and fresh borscht (heated) to increase the soup according to everyone's preference and let it boil for another 10 minutes, then beat the beaten eggs, add more leave for 5 minutes, turn off the heat and add green larch.

If you want to prepare this borscht on fasting days, give up eggs and the soup is very good !!

We wish you good appetite and lots of greenery in the dishes !! We are waiting for you on our website for other delicious recipes.

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Chicken borscht with homemade noodles traditional Moldovan recipe

Chicken borscht with homemade noodles traditional Moldovan recipe. How to make homemade chicken borsch or chicken (juice) with noodles or egg rags? Sour chicken soup with a little borscht. What vegetables and vegetables to put in the traditional poultry borscht? How are homemade noodles made? An authentic Moldovan recipe for homemade chicken borscht. How is borscht made?

This chicken noodle recipe with homemade noodles was sent to us by our dear friend Mya Benea from Galați. She prepared and photographed it, following the family's old borscht recipe, as her mother and grandmother do. It is basically a sour chicken soup (juice, zamă) with borscht at the end.

In Transylvania and Banat we make clear chicken soup with homemade noodles or fluffy semolina dumplings, uncooked & # 8211 see the recipe here. They are completely different dishes and that's why I thought I would show you how to make a chicken soup according to the Moldovan recipe.

Of course, the ingredients are very important, from poultry (poultry, country) to vegetables and homemade borscht. See here how it fills up homemade borscht from scratch or with hues.

This recipe is part of The collection of Romanian recipes - 100 years since the Great Unionsee here.

From the quantities below it results approx. 12 servings of chicken borscht with homemade noodles.

Vegetable soup with scrambled eggs

For the first recipe I used the following ingredients: -2 carrots, -1 parsley root, -1 slice of celery, -1 zucchini, -1 bell pepper, -200 ml tomato juice, -2 liters of water, -1 parsley, half-halter, -8 quail eggs, -salt, -bag

Difficulty: low | Time: 30 min


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