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"Strawberry" Cake

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You get many portions of this amount ... I also gave more than half of the cake ... so if you make it for fewer people, reduce the quantities!

The first time I prepared vanilla cream:

I put the milk on the fire with vanilla and I heated it.

I mixed the eggs with the sugar and flour, then I added 100 ml of cold milk and I mixed well, then I poured everything into the hot milk and I mixed without stopping until it started to thicken.

I turned on the heat and kept the cream on the fire for about 7 minutes. I added the butter and mixed it very well and of course I put the cream to cool.

I put the cream in the cold and then I mixed it.


On the fire in a bowl I put the sugar, vanilla and the 3 tablespoons of water and I caramelized it lightly. In the meantime I boiled the water (600 ml). When the sugar caramelized I added hot water and let the caramel sugar dissolve well. I used the syrup a little warm.

I soaked each biscuit for 1 second in syrup and then placed the first row in the pan, just like tiramisu.

I put a layer of vanilla cream on top, whipped cream and half strawberries on top.

I put 3 such layers, biscuit top, vanilla cream, whipped cream and strawberries.

The last layer was the whipped cream, then I put chocolate flakes, strawberries and mint leaves on top.

A wonder !!! Everyone asked for ..... double portion, some even triple! :))))